Oily and mixed skin: The right skin care for oily and mixed skin

Every skin needs care that is precisely tailored to its needs. With an unsuitable care product, you can irritate your facial skin and worsen impurities. If you have oily skin or mixed skin, you will need other care products and creams than someone who has a tendency to dry or easily irritated skin. Our tips will help you find the best facial care for oily and mixed skin.

Oily skin: How to recognize it and what you should pay attention to

Every person has different skin. However, there are certain patterns that occur again and again. They are known as skin types. For example, some people have dry skin, which in many cases is also easily irritable and can be prone to redness. Other people's facial skin is rather oily, yet others have mixed skin or normal skin. The latter is comparatively rare. Every skin type needs care that is tailored to its specific requirements.

But what is oily skin anyway? Oily skin tends to produce a lot of sebum - more than is actually necessary. This makes the complexion look slightly oily. The skin often shines particularly on the forehead, nose and under the eyes. The pores are often dilated. Oily skin also often contains impurities, such as pimples and blackheads. Oily skin often develops due to genetic reasons, but hormonal fluctuations and stress can also become noticeable in this way.

Many women suffer from shiny skin. However, there is a consolation: oily skin is generally more resistant to external influences and ages more slowly than dry skin, for example. Wrinkles usually appear later.

Mixed skin: Several skin types come together

A lot of people have mixed skin. Unlike dry skin or oily skin, there are several different skin types. Typical is an oily skin in the T-zone, i.e. on the forehead, nose, and chin. Impurities such as pimples or blackheads also frequently occur in these areas. The cheeks, on the other hand, are often dry and sensitive.

Overproducing sebaceous glands are responsible for the oily areas. The dry skin areas often depend on environmental influences, such as dry air. Redness also frequently occurs in dry zones.

The combination of different skin types makes the care of mixed skin a tricky matter. Products that are designed exclusively for oily skin would not be optimally suited for dry areas. Conversely, the oily areas of the face do not require care that is optimal for dry skin. Rather, they need skin care that is ideal for mixed skin.

The right cleanser for oily and mixed skin

Thorough cleansing is essential, especially for oily skin. It supports the sebaceous glands and keeps impurities and bacteria away from your pores. If the openings of the pores are clean, they will not clog so easily. Pimples do not appear so easily. It is best to gently clean oily skin in the morning and evening. It is important to use lukewarm water for rinsing. Too hot water would irritate the skin. Gently pat the cleansed skin dry with a clean towel. It is best to use a separate towel, which is only used for this purpose. This will keep dirt and bacteria away from your face.

Mixed skin also benefits from regular morning and evening cleansing. A mild cleansing product such as EVENSWISS® Purifying Cleansing Foam is ideal. It ensures finer pores and brings the skin back into balance. The activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated by the gentle foam. Apply Purifying Cleansing Foam to moist skin and massage gently. Then wash off the product. The EVENSWISS® Purifying Cleansing Foam is also very suitable for oily skin.


How to care for your skin properly during the day

With a face cream, you support your oily skin or mixed skin during the day. Choose a product that is not too oily. Moisturizing creams are well suited if they are tailored to the needs of your skin type. Such products mattify and prevent the sebaceous glands from producing too much excess sebum.

The EVENSWISS® Balancing Complex is particularly suitable for sensitive and mixed skin. It is also ideal for oily skin. It ensures smaller pores and normalizes the secretion of sebum. The unique Dermatopoietin® peptide complex supports facial skin during its renewal. The cream also helps to delay the first signs of skin aging. The EVENSWISS® Balancing Complex keeps the skin in perfect balance. If the areas are too dry, it provides moisture. Oily areas benefit from the regulated sebum activity. This luxurious cream is best suited for younger skin up to the age of 45.

Mature skin changes and needs special care. If you are older than 45 years and have oily or mixed skin, EVENSWISS® Rejuvenating Serum is a good choice. It ensures a clear rejuvenation of the skin through the patented active ingredient Dermatopoietin®. The cream stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which makes it look firm and youthful. Special ingredients such as the stem cell active ingredient PhytoCellTec Argan help the skin to regenerate. Apply the serum to the facial skin and neck in the morning and, if necessary, in the evening after cleansing.

The eye area is particularly sensitive - and it needs special attention in order to be ideally cared for. This is where the EVENSWISS® Rejuvenating Eye Complex comes in. It helps to delay the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The highly effective active ingredient complex also helps against dark circles and slight swelling. The Rejuvenating Eye Complex helps the skin to regenerate. Valuable vegetable oils and a vitamin complex full of antioxidants protect the skin's stem cells from harmful influences that can lead to premature skin aging. Apply this product twice daily to the eye area after cleansing.

Don't forget your skin even at night

Not only during the day your skin needs your attention. Even at night you should care for your skin optimally and support it in its renewal. This will help you to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion. The EVENSWISS® Sublime Revealing Mask offers you particularly intensive care that is very suitable for oily and mixed skin. It is ideal as a mask that you apply to your facial skin in the evening before going to bed. The mask contains an effective active ingredient complex with the unique active ingredient Dermatopoietin®. It stimulates the skin to form collagen. This helps the skin to renew itself and makes it look firm and fresh. The EVENSWISS® Sublime Revealing Mask intensively nourishes oily and mixed skin without oily skin.


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Give your skin a youthful appearance with the EVENSWISS® Master Booster

Most people want youthful, firm skin and minimal signs of aging. The EVENSWISS® Master Booster ensures maximum skin rejuvenation. The Ultra Skin Rejuvenation Booster reduces the signs of aging. The special active ingredient complex provides the skin with essential nutrients and thus supports the skin's renewal processes. It is suitable for all skin types and is especially suitable for oily skin.

To use, mix one to two drops of the Master Booster with the usual amount of your usual day cream. Gently massage the mixture onto the freshly cleansed skin. You can use the EVENSWISS® Master Booster twice a day.

Further care tips for oily and mixed skin

Many women try many different care products. If the desired effect doesn't show up quickly, they take another product instead. However, this is a great strain on the skin. It takes time for the skin to get used to a certain type of care. It can take several weeks for the skin to adjust to a new care product. Only then can you really judge whether the product is suitable or not.

Nor does it make sense to combine too many different care products. It is better to use a proven line so as not to irritate your skin unnecessarily. If you can handle a product well, you should stick with it. The highly effective care products of EVENSWISS® contain effective ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Shea butter is used, for example, which has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect. Shea butter helps with oily skin and acne. Soy isoflavones provide the skin with moisture without being oily. The skin becomes visibly fresher and looks healthier. Allantoin also helps to protect the skin against harmful environmental influences. The proven active ingredient counteracts irritations of the skin. The regeneration of the skin is stimulated by allantoin. These special, swiss-high-quality active ingredient complexes make the products extremely well-tolerated.

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